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Writing Beyond Features

Genie Lamp

Does Aladdin want the lamp, the genie, or something else…

The Secret of Transparency says…he doesn’t want the product, he wants the benefits of your product.

Selling the benefits of your product or service achieves much more than a bundle of features. And it’s important to decipher the difference.

What Benefit Drives Aladdin

Aladdin doesn’t really want the dull lamp the product. He’s not even really interested in the geniea feature.

Aladdin is much more captivated by the wishesor benefits – the lamp will bring into his life by the featured genie. Yet, Aladdin pursues even deeper benefits that will change his life – like gold, wealth and power.

But there’s more…

These deeper benefits trigger even deeper benefits…core benefits. These kinds of benefits stir the prospect’s core emotional and psychological needs where the decision to take action takes place.

What is Aladdin’s key core benefit? It’s Princess Jasmine and the promise of the happiness and success she brings into his life!

How The Secret Of Transparency Works

Your product or service is the window we peer through…and can see our selves in the near future. We’re enjoying the product’s many benefits. Ultimately making our lives better…easier… a problem solved.

Thus identifying the core benefits that drive the prospect to action. 

Mining The Core Benefits

Your product features are easy to find. Product managers, product specifications, and list of services help to identify them.

Benefits usually require some digging to define. I do benefit-oriented research to mine them.

  • Start with understanding the prospect
  • Discussions with product manager, business owner
  • Interview customers who use the product
  • Internet research
  • Study (and use) your product

By seeing how your prospect is transformed by the core benefits realized by your product or service, I customize your key messages, and I write compelling copy that builds a strong promotion.

I Persuade Your Prospect

  • Articles, Press Releases

  • Website Copy

  • Ads, Direct Response

  • White Papers, Case Studies

  • Promotional Emails

  • Newsletters

  • Sales Pages

  • Product Listings

  • Blogs, Social Media

  • Online Copy

“Cindy’s great strength is insight. She has a great sense of what CAN work…and has an attitude that opens up doors for her clients. Working a plan smarter to get to a result.”
Jack Saindon, VP Sales Manager | Katz Radio Division
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Lori Gibson, V.P. Associate Director Employee Program Systems | BNY Mellon Financial
“…she interviews my artists and writes articles that are published. I know my collectors and prospects read them because they tell me all about the articles!”
Melanie Smith, Owner | Seaside Art Gallery
“…a very thorough researcher, collaborative team player, knowledgeable, willing to take risks (but not unreasonable ones), very professional, confident communicator…and super nice person to work with!”
Lisa Bell, Chief Creative Officer | Tivoli Partners
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Amanda Songer, Owner / Manager | GNC
“Cindy is bright, diligent, and extremely adept with marketing strategy…insightful…a consummate pro with a great deal of integrity. I highly recommend her.”
Greg Campana, Marketing & Sales Executive | PhoneTree
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